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Aerial Infrared Surveys
Gratton Infrared Services is pleased to announce a partnership with National Helicopter to provide Aerial Infrared services. Aerial infrared surveys are fast, efficient, effective and safe. For single building roofs over 100,000 square feet or for multiple buildings in a single project, the cost is comparable, or less expensive, than a walk-on survey and the results are superior. For multiple smaller buildings in a city or county area, an aerial survey can be completed in one night in a fraction of the time it takes a ground-based team.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of aerial infrared is not its use on roofs that have well-defined areas of moisture at all, but those roofs that are the most difficult to image from any distance or angle. Roofs that, for instance, have a lot of ballast, are covered with reflective coatings or ones that for whatever reason are impossible to image from the roof. With high-resolution aerial imagery, slight nuances of temperature can be seen from far enough away to actually see the pattern of heat!

Why Gratton Infrared Aerial Scans?

We provide detailed, high-quality and easy to understand certified infrared inspection reports that thoroughly documenting our findings.

Aerial Infrared Applications

Roof Moisture Surveys
Operational Growhouses
High Voltage Electric Utility Transmission and Distribution Lines
Steam and High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Systems
Search and Rescue (SAR)
Waterways and Drainage Systems
Landfill Fires
Structural Fires
Animal Counts
Forest Fires
Pipes and Pipelines


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